Montag, Mai 09, 2011

Just Released: thinktecture UIAnnotations

Nach mehr als einem Jahr bin ich nun endlich mit meinem UIAnnotations-Projekt fertig!
thinktecture UIAnnotations
With thinktecture UIAnnotations you can extend your UI with additional functionality via Adorners and Behaviors. All parts are assignable via markup, which is helpful in MVVM scenarios and promotes the developer/designer interaction.
With thinktecture UIAnnotations you can declarative attach visual Adorners and Expression Blend Behaviors to your user interfaces, including smart tags, editor toolbars and visual state markers for required fields, edit states and more. It also can automatically attach adorners to elements while reflecting the Data Annotations of the associated data sources. For a better MVVM support it offers a generic command behavior that is assignable to every event of a given element. thinktecture UIAnnotations is available for WPF and Silverlight (comming soon).
thinktecture UIAnnotations in brief:
  • 10+ useful adorners and 5+ Expression Blend Behaviors.
  • automatic assignment of adorners via Data Annotations.
  • a custom adorner model for silverlight (comming soon).
  • GenericAdorner allows to attach every element as an adorner.
  • AdornerBehaviorFactory that can be used to wrap every adorner as an Expression Blend Behavior.
  • BehaviorFactory allows the assignment of Expression Blend Behaviors via styles.
  • with Command Behavior you can map every control event to a command.
Und da ein Bild mehr sagt als tausend Worte:
Die Details folgen in späteren Posts. Stay tuned!



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